New Year’s Eve!!!

The end of the year is upon us, because it is New Year’s Eve! In a recap of this year as a whole there have several things happen. Kony 2012 which we didn’t seem to get done, U.S. Presidential campaign and election, surviving the “End of the World”, surviving Super storm Sandy, and the terrible shooting of Newtown Connecticut. These are just some of the things that have happened that left the world speechless. Now its time for us to get ready and welcome in the new year, and hopefully its a better year for everyone. Image

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U.S. For free internet!

A week or two ago one-hundred and ninety nations around the world gathered in Dubai. Some nations have proposed regulations that would not allow certain information to be blocked. Also the U.N. is trying to take power over the internet away from the U.S. Though the regulations that have been proposed by certain other nations has been rejected by the U.S.

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Today is the last day that there will be a repeating date for the next 89 years.


Its almost kind of depressing to say that “this will be the last time ‘I’ will see a repeating date”. I feel like this anyway because I don’t like to think that there is an ‘expiration date’ stamped on my back… So how do you feel about 12-12-12?

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F-16’s to Egypt? Well Ok

010205-F-1631A-001The Obama administration will send 20 F-16’s to Egypt to strengthen their air force. Even though Egypt is a country on a shaky foundation, they are wanting to give them more vehicles of destruction. The President of Egypt has been chastised for trying to take dictatorial for himself and has been accused of attacking protestors…. Why is the Obama administration doing this, all this will do is cause people to wonder what is happening with the U.S. government and may cause conflict. What do you think about send F-16’s to Egypt?

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